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Happy new year, everyone. I hope that your year (2022) ahead Is blessed with an abundance of good health, happiness, love and laughter.

My last three years with PD has been the most eventful. I went from being the strongest that I have ever been to having a reaction to meds that caused an extreme weight loss. Then I changed medication, and just when I thought that all would be well again. My knee decided to give up on me. I had a total knee replacement (I thought that I would never go there), some complications, had another change in meds.

My aim for this year is to get back where I was three years ago. To be physically, mentally and emotionally strong. Like all patients with chronic illnesses, I also had to go through the grief process. It's time to move on with my new normal. It's time to work towards standing with my feet firmly on the ground. And not let anything knock me over.

I know that we all have our struggles. Here's a little Peek into my day.

When I first open my eyes every morning, I am once again reminded that my uninvited guest is still here.

By the stiffness of my body and the inability to move. Here I lay, I feel like I'm stuck in an old persons body.

What comes next is me reminding myself to be grateful. I await my medication and Warm-up of my muscles so that I may sit up until meds take effect. I have to begin to stretch my excruciating muscles. Moving each joint in order to rise and start a new day eventually.

While I wait to transform from sloth to human, I first begin daily affirmations, short meditation, followed by happy music. To get the day going.

Out of bed, I move. Still in pain but on goes my happy morning face.

I have to do at least 30 minutes to an hour of exercise per day (cardio and strength/muscle), Which I couldn't do while recovering from my knee surgery with PD complications. I did begin, though, and I am steadily increasing time.

The rest of my day is dependent on the following four doses of medication that I require and my On and OFF periods. With the OFF periods comes pain, dystonia and uncontrollable tremors.

As the day progresses, I become more tired, and by evening, I am fatigued.

By the evening, this body of mine feels like it has run a marathon. It also takes some time for the restless leg syndrome to settle.

On a bad day, add dystonia to that. These are the days when I have to be in bed early before reaching the ‘I cannot move a muscle’ stage.

That is a short description of a day in the life of a Parkinson's patient.

However, if you happen to meet me during the day, I will still smile and laugh with you and make the day a good one. That is what we (warriors) do.



This world had so much negativity. I am trying not to add to it.

Others have so much more pain than me. Many people suffer from terminal illnesses and are in so much more pain.

I am still able to keep some of my independence. I can still show and tell my girls that I love them and play a somewhat active role in their lives.

I have a fantastic team of professionals taking care of me.

I have incredible family and friends who give me support and motivate me.

Last but not least, I have all of you.

To my fellow warriors, and anyone fighting a difficult battle, always remember that you are not alone. If you put yourself out there and ask for help, you will receive a helping hand and support through your journey.

Let's spread kindness, love, light and joy in 2022. If you see someone crying out for help, please extend a helping hand or one of friendship and support.

If we can begin this transformation ( encouraging a kinder, more positive society), then there is hope that our children and grandchildren have a chance to live better lives in a happier world.

It begins with a tiny step forward.

Wishing you much love and light


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Be strong baby,we will always be there for dad and mum

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Love you too


Kajal Ganesh
Kajal Ganesh
Jan 12, 2022

You are an incredible person spreading love, warmth and encouragement wherever you go. We are blessed to have you in our lives. Stay strong and positive. I will walk this journey with you - you are not alone. Love you always.


You are remarkable. With everything you go through on a daily basis when you around us you always stay up and laugh with us. You are so brave. Thank you for always spreading kindness and positivity. 💙


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