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Moving Forward

Happy New Year


As we say goodbye to 2022 and look forward to a new year.

I hope that 2023 brings you the blessings of peace, love and happiness and that you are given many opportunities to improve your life .

My gift to you is a few concepts to help you on your journey. I still have quite a journey ahead but these Japanese concepts just stick with me.

  • Never compare yourself.  Everyone blossoms in their own time in different ways. Don't judge yourself by someone else's path.

  • Continuously improve.  Constantly strive to improve across all areas of your life.  Small changes accumulate and make all the

  • Embrace imperfection.  Nothing lasts, nothing is complete.  Accept your flaws and those of others. Find beauty in imperfection.

  • know your reason for being - Define the reason you get up in the morning.   Make it something you are good at, passionate about, and that the world needs.   THIS is meaning.

  • Accept and let go - Some things simply aren't within our control.  Accept what you cannot change, and move on.

For me, it's time for a new chapter. Leave behind the  unnecessary negatives.

I give gratitude to the joys, sorrows, the lessons, the heartaches, the love, the pain, the hurt, every sunset and every new dawn that I experienced in 2022. For without, the bad how would I appreciate the good. Every experience throughout the the past year has brought me to this very moment.

I choose to, take only the positivity, light and good energy that will nourish, heal and guide me forward.

As you all know, I don't do short messages. Thank you for

Loving me and walking my journey with me.   As well as the encouragement and prayer.

2023 marks 10 years, since my tremors began.  So there are mixed feeling, however I am finally ready to try moving forward again.

I had to make peace with so much this year,  I just could not get how I felt into words. Anyway, that's a story for another day.

As I close the door to 2022, I look forward to you being a part of my Journey in 2023.  Hopefully, help more warriors and others feel a little better.

Wishing you Love, light and inner peace in 2023


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