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My first post...“I want a day with no rules, no expectations...where anything is possible”-


To all you beautiful people out there...(especially my fellow PD warriors)

When I began writing, this was meant to be a post on a PD support group. I started and just couldn’t stop. 🙈

I have toyed with the idea of a blog for a long time, but was always afraid to take the first step, so being here really is an accomplishment for me.

I rarely post on social media, i usually scroll down and comment here and there. Beginning a blog was a big, scary decision for me, so please be kind.🌺

You may or may not agree with me ( that’s okay). Also, once I begin writing it’s usually a long read... so just a warning you may need a few minutes 😂🤗, and sometimes popcorn.

A big Well Done 👏, all of you for getting through another day. I know and understand how difficult that can be. Remember: you’re awesome, you can do this.

My name is Arads ( you may call me A) and I have Young Onset PD, first symptom, a twitch on my thumb, began about 8 years ago. I, am going to be 45 this year. I have 2 kids (20 & 10). My PD has progressed quite rapidly.... so I am current on an entire cocktail of meds and and multi vitamins (amazing dietitian). I take Azilect, Sinemet 4x a day, pexola 2x day. Sinemet usually varies, depending on the type of day... bad day (5 - 6 doses) of Sinemet. Cipralex, dormanoct and circadin for depression and insomnia ( thank you to an amazing psychiatrist). BacLofen ( helps me with Dystonia)

Then there’s Vitamin B,D, omegas, magnesium, resveretol etc.

It’s taken me 8 yrs to get here. So the advice to follow comes purely with light, love and me paying it forward. This is what works for me. If it helps ( super 👍) , if it doesn’t ( apologies).

I knew that I had PD, before I was officially diagnosed. Did my research, found the hereditary link etc. So I had time to take it in , but hearing the official diagnosis none the less a shock to your system.

To those you that are here. STOP . Breathe. Take a few Breathes. Take your time, ask questions read articles , do your own research, and at the end .... find what works for you. The rate and progression differs for each one of us.

Depression is part and parcel of PD so you should find a good psychologist. Sometimes you have to go through a few before you find your person. You must be comfortable with the psychologist, if you find that you dread going in for sessions or you’re not comfortable talking to this person ... it’s time to look for a new psychologist. Move on don’t feel compelled to stay if it isn’t working ... then you’re not helping yourself and defeating the purpose of therapy.

What was the best advice from my psychologist ?

We’re in this for the long haul, her advice to me was ...

treat PD as an entity, it is an uninvited guest, that has arrived at your door and is here to stay... so each person in your family has to form their own relationship including you with it. ( I found that so helpful and beautiful). Then only can you all move forward.

I spent years trying to protect my children and husband from this. Trying to be super strong and a super mom. It only made life more difficult for me, until I felt burnt out and my family had seen right through me a long time before.

So. I sat down with them and we had a long chat and it put so much into perspective. With time, life started to get a little easier.

I had to take my power back, because hey, PD you don’t define who I am. Don’t get me wrong, this didn’t happen with snap of a finger. It took time to work through and find myself and I had to be ready to accept this guest and make peace with this guest. Only then can we move forward ...

Unfortunately, I have to end here for today. As, most PD patients know, good days mean taking medication, on time, as well as rest time ☺️

Thank you for reading, and being a part of my journey.

Have an amazing day 🌻



To be transparent, this blog is my therapy, my personal experiences and what I have learned. My aim is to help others, and in my own little way, make a spread love and light.

Hopefully, this blog will make a positive difference to someone’s life today. If so, thank you , I am honoured to have made today a good day for you🦄

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