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Tired of being tired

Dear PD ( my uninvited guest)

I guess it's just you and me from now on. I can no longer fight, so I choose to accept and embrace all that you throw my way, especially since we are destined to walk together till the end. Don't get me wrong, I am not giving up. I'm just shifting my Perspective.

Those who love me will not know how much it takes to be present.

I have to walk with just you, because I can not be the person they once knew. I can't meet their expectations. I don't want to be remembered this way.

I know that they mean well.

And I love them for it. I don't how long this journey will last.

I am taking back my power and I will live life my way. PD you have taken all that you could from me.

I refuse to let you rob me anymore.

My family, friends, associates and all you beautiful supporters.

Thank you for being my strength

when I was at my lowest. I am so grateful.

Sending you love and light.

This was meant to be a happy positive post.

Unfortunately, when I begin writing I can't say where we will end. Thank you for walking with me.

This chapter has ended.

What I'm taking with me is the beautiful sunset and I look forward to tomorrow's Sunrise.

Sending you much love and light.


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