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One small step forward

Good day to all you beautiful people

(To my fellow PD warriors, you are awesome and strong)

I am so grateful, to each and every person who took time out to read my post. Wow, what a dopamine rush... I was so nervous before I published, and I couldn‘t stop smiling for days after. Thank for you for your support. 🌺

I had so many ideas flying around in my head (I’ve bee feeling a little like a toon character with animated birds flying around my head 😉). It certainly did take some time to sort through those thoughts and emotions. I do hope that today’s blog is helpful and makes you smile a little. For those experiencing, a not so great day , You Are Amazing ... stay strong.

It has taken me a long time, and much work and self reflection, to reach my current status (both physically and mentally). I, also have a long way to still travel on my journey and , hopefully, we can inspire each other, as well as others and spread love and hope.

What I do know about myself, is that I can no longer work within certain constraints 🙈. The Idea of having my blog... my space, is that I can write on my terms.

My anxiety, most often gets the better of me. It is definitely a work in progress. I am grateful, that I have reached a point, where my spouse and I are able to discuss what I can and cannot do, and the effect that it will have on the next few days. He is able to predict an outcome, and is always spot on. Is this the best for me? Or we may do this but we have a time limit (I can’t stay in a crowded place for too long). He can now easily, tell when I have had enough. He often knows my limitations, and even though I may fight him on where I may go and how much I may take on, deep down, I know he is correct.

Well...let’s just say, I make his life interesting😂😂

My story may begin at some point and we may end up at a totally different point , simply because somewhere along the road ...I did forget ( thank you PD). That’s okay, I find freedom in being quirky and weird. I find this quite funny 😂, because I was different before PD....very much in control, I like order and structure, and, yes, I did always arrive at appointments early etc.

I must admit, though, looking on the brighter side... now, my life is so much more fun. I still arrive at appointment... but, I usually arrive according to my PD clock... at least, now I have a funny story to go with ☺️.

I am able to laugh at myself and , of course, you’re allowed to laugh with me.

I have discovered that I have 2 choices - look forward and grow, love, laugh and be happy...or constantly watch my rearview mirror, and remain, sad and miserable. The 3rd choice was a definite NO, for me - stay where you are. I chose laughter and I choose to be as happy as I can be. It isn’t always easy, somedays it’s just not possible..., I have also learned to be kind to myself and give myself a break on those days.

I know that being positive, and ready to take on the world ( everyday), is unrealistic. I definitely don’t expect that of myself, or you.

I find that we have to set realistic, achievable goals.

However, one lesson that I have learned on my PD journey, is that with this disease, you begin everything with a small step and loads of upbeat music... like find a little positivity everyday, and pretty soon you will an abundance.

We all have to begin somewhere...

Keep dancing and keep moving forward.

Thank you for reading, and your support.

Have an amazing day


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Kajal Ganesh
Kajal Ganesh
Apr 11, 2021

Aradhana - you strong and amazing. You continue to influence and encourage everyone around you to be a better person and never lose faith. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


I love quirky and weird. You are so strong and an inspiration to everyone. 🤗🥰

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