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Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you." - Misty Copeland

Hello... Hello...hello

This will not happen often, I just couldn’t stop writing, so I decided to Publish 2 posts.

I had to begin somewhere...the first thought that came to mind the big D word... no the other one, yes ... Diagnosis.

My PD story begins in 2013, I developed urinary incontinence. Which progressed over that year, eventually I had to go onto medication. but had it not been for the events over the next 2 years ... The formal Diagnosis would have been much more difficult to accept.

At the end of that year, I had a little injury at the beach, the pain worsened quite rapidly and I was diagnosed with Trochanteric Bursitis (injury/inflammation of hip)(I wouldn’t have guessed these series of unfortunate events would set the ball rolling to prepare me for whirlwind to follow.)

I was a busy body, constantly on the move, a very social character. Being diagnosed with trochanteric bursitis....hey, wasn’t that bad. Exercise...physiotherapy...medication will work. A few weeks rest and I’ll be good to go.... right?

😞😞😞a big WRONG.

The pain was a lot worse ( this coming from someone with a really high pain threshold).

I had to decelerate,!!!!!

My life literally began moving at a slower pace. It took 18 months for the pain to stop.

This is when the universe sent me my first Gem, she helped me heal and soon became a friend and part of my family. She was the first to introduce me to “dry needling”. I simply love it... most effective in sorting out spasms especially after I’ve experienced severe dystonia. ( not for trypanophobics). She was the first to show interest in what was wrong and how I felt and began to research the bursitis And then my YOPD. Unfortunately, she had to eventually relocate, but we’re in contact and she will always have a special place on my list of superheroes.

The twitch on my thumb began about 6 month before the bursitis ended. Within the year, it had progressed up my left arm. Within the next year, the tremor had progressed down my lower limb. I began to fall more often and every fall came with a physical injury and an emotional bruise also. Having broken crockery ( thank to yours truly) was also becoming a norm.

We had done our homework, and realised that there was a history of Parkinson’s disease in my family. I think that this was difficult for my parents to swallow. It is tough learning that your child is ill, because you carry a certain gene. However, this is beyond our control. I am so grateful, to have them around and still part of my life. They somehow make me feel better, just hearing their voices, especially on my low day, somehow makes everything better.

When my journey began, I was knocked off my feet. I felt as though my car had lost its wheels.

What others , don’t understand is that it may not seem like much ,but our entire world changes in a flash.

-Yes, it doesn’t shorten our life but it completely changes the quality of our life ...

-suddenly , finding yourself being more and more dependent on others... it really hurts to not be able to fetch a plate from a top cupboard without dropping and breaking it into a million pieces, and ....even worse when you’re unable to clean it up.

-or waking up and not being able to move ( feeling like a turtle on it back) because I need my medication . and my husband ( I truly don’t know, just how I’d survive without him) has to literally warm up my joints moving it ever so slowly. Until I resemble a sloth at first and then a human.

My advice to everyone, is you have to own this. It is your journey, you have to deal with your guest in your own way and at your own pace. Only then can you move forward.

I am often asked the question?

“Do you ever ask , Why Me?

The truth is, that I never have and I don’t think that I ever will. I still do believe, that the universe will not hand me anything more that I

can handle. When I look at the larger picture... there are so many people, out there, that are worse of than me .

This world is in constant turmoil, war, hate , pain , natural disasters and we can’t forget COVID. With all negatives out there, why can’t I take back my power and spread positivity, love and kindness.

For, isn’t that what our lives are in desperate need of. I believe that all it begins, is a KINDNESS.

Thank you for reading.

Have an amazing day,


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Varsha Lalla
Varsha Lalla
Mar 22, 2021



You are truly a warrior. Thank you for sharing, educating and bringing us into your world. Continue to be the strong brave woman you are.


Your outlook on life is to be admired. Thank you for making us realise that.


shivs N
shivs N
Mar 20, 2021

You have always been such a huge part of my childhood..thank you for sharing Arad.

You are so brave and so phenomenal


Kajal Ganesh
Kajal Ganesh
Mar 20, 2021

I never knew that you were going through this. I love you and admire you. You are a true inspiration.

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